Hiring: Payroll Year-end Checklist

Please complete the following year-end checklist. Your help will ensure a smooth holiday payroll season!

Deadline is Tuesday, December 15, 2022.


Employee Information Reminders:

Please have employees review their paystubs to ensure their address is correct for when their W2s are mailed. We can make changes to their addresses through January 8th, but once the file has been submitted for distribution we cannot change it on the W2.

If any of your employees filed exempt this year, they will need to complete a new W4 for next year or it will default to Single with zero withholdings.

FREE Labor Laws Poster:

Cardinal Services supplies FREE all-in-one labor law posters to our clients. There are no edits at this time for January 2023. If there are changes later in the year, an email will be sent out.