401k Options

Oregon now requires you to have a retirement plan.

Our Multi-Employer Plan is successful due to ensuring access to top-tiered performing funds at an attractive price point and maintained with the highest level of support. Service is our highest priority! Whether shopping for your first retirement plan - or simply a better one - we would love an opportunity to show you how Cardinal’s Multi-Employer 401(k) plan, can help your business.


Get the retirement plan that fits your business the best!

We offer both a "No Frills" and "Full Service" 401(k) plan selections that meet both State and Federal legal compliance. We take the burden of plan administration off your hands, plus with low fees and lots of available funds to choose from you can't go wrong.


Nest Eggs

Our Nest Eggs plan provides essential limited coverage for employees.  This No Frills plan is a great place to start building your Nest Egg.



Nest Eggs is included at no addition cost when you combine Payroll Processing with Cardinal Services.

Get Payroll Pricing.



Golden Eggs

Upgraded Full Service 401(k) plan that offers a better overall plan with great employees benefits.



Setup a plan that makes sense for your business and employees. With Golden Eggs you can choose opt-in or opt-out enrollment and even change eligibility requirements - plus roll over your existing plan easily.



Have your own financial advisor? Bring them along! They can continue to be your advisor on this premium plan, including employees needing the Bespoke Service.

Contact Cardinal, then Relax.

We have your retirement plan covered!

Give us a call at 1.800.342.4742 to talk to one of our Plan Experts!

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