Workers’ Comp

Protect Your Business with Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We’re able to offer highly competitive rates to a wide range of businesses through co-employment, where we become the “employer of record” for payroll, tax, and insurance purposes.

What’s Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ comp. can help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and more when an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness. Worker' comp. protects your business liability and your greatest asset—your employees.

$1,000,000 Limits

We double the amount of statutory required coverage for better protection. Plus, if you are a contractor, this is becoming the new normal in required limits.

No Deposit

Pay as you go.

No up front deposit required.

Small Claims

Cardinal pays for eligible small claims, after the bill is audited (generally meaning reduced) by the carrier, keeping claims off your record.

Light Duty / HR

In the event of a more serious claim, our Risk Team will help you navigate the return to work process. What you can and cannot do in these situations.


Most of the work falls squarely on Cardinal. Sorry but we cannot get you out of everything! But most everything.

Risk Team

No more trying to interpret an insurance adjuster's explanation of the last injurious exposure rule. Our Risk Team knows when a claim should be accepted and when to push back.

“The quality of service we’re getting is 100 times better than what we were getting with Paychex and we pay less for an entire month than what we were paying with for two weeks…and the quality of service — there’s no comparison.”

Karen Comfort
CMO, Comfort Construction

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Do I Need Workers’ Comp Coverage?

By law, most Oregon employers are required to have a workers' comp insurance policy or to be self-insured. So, if your business employs workers in Oregon, you most likely need workers' compensation coverage.

If you’re the sole owner and/or employee of your own business or if you only employ independent contractors, you likely do not need workers’ comp.

We’re in the Neighborhood

With locations in Bend, Coos Bay, Eugene, Portland, Roseburg, St. Helens, and Eureka, we’re always easy to reach and happy to help.

You can expect the job to be done right the first time with our team in your corner, working hand-in-hand with you to make your business successful. Businesses that partner with a professional employer like Cardinal grow 7% faster, reduce turnover by 25%, and are 50% less likely to fail.

Reach out and discover why hundreds of employers have trusted Cardinal since 1984.

Who We Work With

Cardinal Services helps businesses of all shapes and sizes in the Pacific Northwest with their payroll, staffing, workers’ comp, and HR needs — from mom-and-pop shops to national brands.

Everything You Need in One Place

Whether you’re looking for payroll, staffing, workers’ comp coverage, or an all-in-one HR solution, our friendly team can put together services tailored to your unique business needs.

Staffing Solutions

Hire right the first time! Bad hiring causes a high percentage of business failures.


Payroll shouldn’t have to be a headache. Experience the difference of a local payroll provider.


Let us handle all your employment needs, from hiring to payroll to workers’ comp and more.

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Need help with payroll, staffing, workers’ comp, or HR? Talk to our friendly team for a competitively priced quote and experience unparalleled service.