Being an Employer isn’t a DIY project

Not every project is a DIY.

Don't go it alone as an Employer!

Profits falling through the cracks

Let us help you build a stronger bottom line.  Cardinal can saves you time and money by handling your administrative needs.

Demolish the back-office paperwork

Let us swing that hammer for you.  We take care of business chores so you don’t have to.  Add Cardinal Services to your toolbox.

Don’t get an unexpected SHOCK

Use our Workers' Comp plan. With pay as you go workers' comp! No paying the insurance company too much up front or end up with a bill at the end of the year.

“The quality of service we’re getting is 100 times better than what we were getting with Paychex and we pay less for an entire month than what we were paying with for two weeks…and the quality of service — there’s no comparison.”

Jim and Leanne

R3 Homes

It’s ALWAYS better to work with a pro!

Work with people you can trust to do the job the right way!

Hire the Pros – Cardinal Services. 

We offer affordable payroll, workers’ comp. & complete employer services. 

Helping Contractors avoid DIY disasters since 1984. 

Reduced Risk

25% fewer issues in legal challenges with employees and with labor law compliance.

Business Failure

50% less likely to go out of business.

Employee Turnover

23-32% lower annual employee turnover rate.


Workers' Comp

Affordable Workers' Comp.

Mod Rate Reduction

Liability Reduction Assistance

“Pay As You Go” Rates

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Employee Services

Drug screening

eVerify & Form I-9 Services

Time & Attendance with Location Tracking

HR Compliance

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Risk Management

BOLI/OSHA Compliance Help

Claims Management with Payments

Audits & Insurance Help

Co-Employment Partner

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A trusted partner since 1984!

Cardinal Services is the go-to expert for the construction industry.

Add Cardinal Services to your Toolbox

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