Welcome to Cardinal!

We’re so happy your employer is partnering with us!

Our objective is to make this transition seamless for you but we will need a little help from you to make that happen.


Your onside employer is now using Cardinal Services – What does it mean?

Now that your Employer is partnering with Cardinal:

  • Your Supervisor will still direct your daily activities.
  • Your Supervisor will still handle your scheduling.
  • Your Supervisor will still have input on hiring and firing.


What does Cardinal Services do?

We handle a lot Depending on the level of service selected we may be handling:


Although you are already hired – and may have even been working for quite a while – we still need some information from you to get you paid!

1. Visit employee.cardinal-services.com to complete the online application. Be sure to complete these sections:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Information


2. We will also need to see some ID and complete an I-9 and W-4 with you, along with some safety sheets and an employee handbook from us. We will schedule a time to either visit your employer on site to do a group enroll or have you come into our office depending on the situation and location.


How do I get paid?

DIRECT DEPOSIT or we offer a Pay Card option as our preferred methods of payment. All we need is a voided check from the account you would like your check to be deposited into! Sign up for electronic pay.