PayCard & Direct Deposit


Prompt pay. Instant access.

That’s Why People Choose Electronic Pay!


What is Electronic Pay?

Your paycheck is automatically deposited into the account(s) you specify with every payroll. No more paper checks to track and no more rushing to the bank to deposit your paycheck on your lunch hour. It is safe, convenient and easy.


How does Electronic Pay work?

After completion of this form, your pay check will be directly deposited into your requested account, and you will receive a DIRECT DEPOSIT voucher which shows: gross pay, taxes, other pays and/or deductions, and net pay.  The net amount is the amount deposited into the bank account(s) specified by you below.  These amounts will appear on your bank statement for your review.


How to Enroll:

1. Download Electronic Deposit form & save on your computer.
2. Fill out form. Take photo of a check attached to this account.
3. Email to or bring by your local Cardinal office. IMPORTANT: Attach image of check!

For more information: Call our Payroll Department at 1.541.888.4279


Direct Deposit and PayCard are ways to get your paycheck electronically deposited.

I have a bank account choose...

Direct Deposit Button

• More Convenient
• Bank at Home
• More Secure

Direct Deposit is a banking option that allows for the transfer of funds without the hassle associated with paper checks.

Instead of your regular paycheck, you will receive a text or email alert from Cardinal stating how much your check will be and the date it will deposit into your account.




I do not have a bank account choose...

Paycard Button

• No Cashing or Monthly Fees
• Carry less Cash
• 24/7 Access

Pay Card is similar to Direct Deposit except your money is deposited onto a convenient card rather than a bank account.
• Use your card wherever Visa is accepted
• Pay bills on-line or over the phone
• No credit qualification or balance requirements
• No high check-cashing fees
• No more lost checks
• FREE transaction per pay period
• And More