Oregon Retirement Savings Plan

Oregon, Save Better!

If you are shopping for your business' first employee retirement plan let us help you navigate through the new law complexities and your options - or if you are already sponsoring a retirement plan, do a free comparison of Cardinal 401(k) to your plan.

Compare your plan. Get a Free 401k plan comparison!

As a fiduciary of a pension plan, employers have a responsibility to look at all aspects of their ERISA plan, from the employer’s side to how it affects the employees. It's your duty as plan trustee to compare your plan to others.  Check off this required step now by comparing your plan.

How to establish a compliant Oregon Retirement Plan.

Oregon Compliance Guide


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What is the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan?

The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2960 which requires all employers to provide employees access to a retirement plan. The State of Oregon is rolling out their plan option called OregonSaves. We say you should stick with a retirement plan with a more proven roll-out plan than previous state pension plans.

If you are nervous about Oregon’s history of administering benefit plans, or if you want an already proven solution, scroll down to learn more.

Find out your deadline for the Oregon Retirement Plan Timeline

Considering Registering for OregonSaves?

Compare our Cardinal 401(k) plan to the OregonSaves option below.

Compare your administrative burden, Cardinal 401(k) to the state's experimental OregonSaves plan.

Get compliant • Give your employees another reason to stay • Lower your costs and risk


Choose the Best

Best for EmployeesBest for EmployersBest for Business
Dozens of funds-low feesMore Attractive PlanSave Time and Money
On-Demand Investment AdviceLess CostGain Control
Robust Online PortalLess RiskGain Expertise

Plan Costs


Cardinal 401(k)

Administrative Fees 0.90% of Assets 0.20% to 0.85% of Assets
Fund Fees 0.06% to 0.13% of Assets0.05% for comparable funds
Compliance FeesCost of Administering PlanEmployer roles mostly eliminated

Plan Features


Cardinal 401(k)

ArchitectureClosed-no changesOpen
Fund Choices1341 in base configuration
Auto Enrollment
Financial AdvisorNoneOn-demand