Paid Leave Oregon – Employees

Paid Leave Oregon


Paid Leave Oregon is an employee driven process to request paid leave under specific circumstances for Oregon employees.

Leave cannot be taken until September 3, 2023 but employees can begin signing up in mid-August.


It is important to note that:

  • Employees must inform the employer about upcoming leave.
  • Cardinal will review leave requests for Oregon Family Leave Act, Oregon Sick Leave, and Family Medical leave.
  • Employees must apply for paid leave from the Oregon Employment Department (see note below about equivalent plans).
  • The Oregon Employment Department determines eligibility and benefit levels. You are responsible for complying with Paid Leave Oregon’s requirements.

Apply for Paid Leave Oregon

Applying for Paid Leave Oregon must be done with the Oregon Employment Department via Frances

Apply to Top Off Paid Leave

Paid Leave Oregon may not replace all of an employee’s wages/salary. Employees may top off hours with paid leave but not exceed pre-leave wages/salary.

Notes about Paid Leave Oregon


Paid Leave Oregon or an Equivalent Plan?

Nearly all Oregon Cardinal employees utilize Paid Leave Oregon. Please see the announcements and documents in your employee file at to confirm. You will see a document about Paid Leave Oregon or an equivalent plan. The equivalent plan will tell you how to apply for that benefit.


Questions about what is covered under Paid Leave Oregon?

See this link for more details.

Or review the guidebook that Paid Leave Oregon provides about leave.


Measurement Period

Cardinal Services utilizes a Measure Forward 12 month leave year.  Under this method, an employee would be entitled to 12 workweeks of leave during the 12-months beginning on the first date leave is taken. The next 12-month period would then begin the first time leave is taken after completion of any previous 12-month period.  This aligns with Paid Leave Oregon.