Handbook & Policy Development

Employee Handbooks provide crucial policy guidance for both employees and employers, from outlining benefits and procedures to defining conduct and discipline. Your handbook is also your best defense against costly litigation. The language you use, and the provisions you include, can make or break a lawsuit, and can stop disputes before they arise. We can create, review, or assist in the preparation of new or existing policies and handbooks.

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Let Cardinal take care of your handbook for your business and you will…

    Avoid common handbook policies that are actually illegal
    Access to newly updated personnel policies
    Learn how to communicate the handbook’s contents, as well as any changes that you may make from time to time
    Avoid other practical problems that arise when you need to revise the handbook
    Be provided with crucial disclaimers
    Get an easy-to-follow description of your organization’s benefits, and how to determine if you should modify policies to reflect new family structures
    Get a detailed listing of critical policies such as harassment, discrimination, attendance, leave, holidays, wage payment schedule, appearance codes, rules on Internet use, cell phone usage, smoking, etc.
    Receive a clear explanation of your organization’s disciplinary procedures
    Be provided with information that should NOT be included in a handbook, such as detailed information important only to certain groups

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