Ask HR: How to implement dress code?

Dear HR:

Spring is here –I’m wondering about implementing a company dress code before the warmer weather is here to stay. Some of my female employees show up in flip flops, tops with spaghetti straps and low cut shirts. A few male employees come in wearing casual shorts and sandals with socks. (Yes, sandals with socks!) May I require my employees to present/dress themselves in a professional manner, since we all interact with the public?


HR Answer:

As an employer, you may determine your organization’s dress code. Just make sure that you apply it in a non-discriminatory manner; and there is a bona-fide business reason—such as conducting business in the public eye; or you need a dress code for safety concerns.  Keep in mind; you may need to make an exception when reasonable, to accommodate an individual’s sincerely held religious belief or medical issue (shorts when leg is in a cast).

Company Dress Codes – How far can you go?

You are correct in being concerned: the impression your employee’s give your customers is the lasting impression your customers have of your organization! Please contact Cardinal for assistance establishing and enforcing your new dress code policy today.