Ask HR: Do I continue Health Insurance coverage during extended Jury Duty leave.

Dear HR, One of my employees was selected for service on a trial which may potentially last several months.  Am I required to continue the employee’s health care insurance?

HR Answer: In Oregon, there is a small-employer exemption, and the requirements do not apply for employers with nine or fewer employees.  The continuation the employee’s health, disability, life or other insurance coverage would be up to a small employer’s benefits policy to define when and how an employee qualifies for coverage, and under what circumstances that coverage will be discontinued. Be sure to check with your health insurance provider to see if a cancellation of an employee’s policy will impact your business.

However, Employers of 10 or more employees are required by Oregon law to continue health, disability, life or other insurance coverage for an employee during times when the employee serves or is scheduled to serve as a juror.