How to Document

  • Be timely – don’t try to “build a case” after the fact;
  • Stick to the facts;
    • What you see or hear – what would be on a video tape;
  • Include the full story; be accurate and specific;
  • If handwritten, write legibly in ink;
  • Sign and date all documents;
  • Document consistently.

Documentation Outline

  • State the job performance problem – be specific.
    •     What is the problem? When did it first occur?
    •     How and when has this been previously addressed?
  • What effect has the problem had?
    • On you, the company, co-workers?
  • What changes need to take place? Be Specific!
  • What are the deadlines? Be Specific!
  •     When (and how) will the outcomes be accomplished?
  • What are the consequences? Be Specific!
  •     State clearly, especially if termination is a possibility.