Employee Exit Interviews

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Do employee exit interviews! 

Why Should I do Employee Exit Interviews in 2021? 

It’s a tough job market for employers. Understanding why your employees choose to leave provides insight on how to retain good workers. Performing an exit interview with a departing employee can be a source of unfiltered, insider information that gives you valuable intel about the inner workings of your business. By asking the right questions, you may gain first-hand information that helps identify areas that need operational improvement.  

Why Exit Interviews Work 

Many employees don’t feel safe providing feedback during their employment tenure, but the great thing about a departing employee is they don’t have much to lose by speaking their mind.  Here’s your chance to ask the tough questions. 

Why Employees Resist Exit Interviews 

Departing employees resist participating because they believe giving negative feedback will result in a negative job reference that may impact future employment opportunities. They may fear the feedback will not be kept confidential or will result in a “burned bridge” within the business community. Reassuring the departing worker that this is information will be kept confidential and will only be used for internal improvements is critical to the success of an exit interview. 

Types of Exit Interviews 

  1. One-on-One Discussion: This is the most common method.  
  • The pros: The one-on-one allows the interviewer to ask follow-up questions or get more details.  
  • The cons: Employees may not trust the interviewer and give shallow answers. 
  1. Online Survey: Online surveys are becoming more common considering that they’re easily accessible. 
  • The pros: Surveys can be structured to allow for anonymous feedback, thus reducing employee fears of repercussions. 
  • The cons: If the survey is too simple or vague, it may result in useless, generic feedback that does not help improve your business. Best practice: Effective surveys include a mix of check-box responses and opportunities for typed-in answers.  

Exit Interview Questions 

The list is sorted into five question categories: 1) questions about the employee’s job duties, 2) about job support, 3) about interactions with their supervisor/manager, 4) and questions about the company and its policies. The fifth set of questions focus on the employee sharing their observations and insights. 

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