Recent Legal Updates Affecting Employers

SB 1514 | 

Oregon Extends Pay Equity Exemption for Certain Pandemic-Related Payments
SB 1514 permits employers to continue offering COVID-19 vaccine incentives as well as hiring and retention bonuses through the end of Oregon’s state of emergency, plus 180 days, without running afoul of the state’s pay equity law. 


May 11 |  

OSHA Invites Oregon Employers & Workers to Take a ‘Safety Break’  

Oregon OSHA encourages employers and workers across the state to take part in its 19th annual “Safety Break for Oregon” day. The choice of activity is up to the employer. Employers that sign up online by Friday, May 6 to participate will be entered to win one of three $100 checks to be used for a luncheon of their choice for their employees. Taking the time for employers and workers to review safety procedures during the workday offers a great opportunity to focus on making safety a reality in the workplace. Oregon OSHA encourages employers and workers to share their Safety Break activities on social media; tag Oregon OSHA on Facebook and LinkedIn with #SafetyBreak. 


Coming Soon |  

Proposed OSHA Rules for Employees Working in Extreme Heat & Fire Situations 

Summer is coming and so are the wildfires! Oregon OSHA is proposing updated rules that would strengthen protections for Oregon workers against health and safety hazards of extreme heat and wildfire smoke. The rules would provide the strongest such protections in the nation and encompass a variety of protective measures. The heat illness prevention rule would apply to any workplace where heat dangers are caused by the weather and where the heat index equals or exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Look for the updated rules to be announced in April 2022, ahead of the grow and wildfire seasons.  

Oregon OSHA provides free resources to help employers comply with rules. The following list includes division resources addressing extreme heat and wildfire smoke, as well as other State of Oregon resources on those topics: