Travel Time

2016 Business Standard Mileage Rate

The IRS announced beginning January 1, 2016 that the business standard mileage rate will be 54 cents per mile. This rate is down from the 2015 rate of 57.5 cents-per-mile. Contact Cardinal Services to let us know what mileage rate you’d like to offer your employees in 2016 so we can be sure to make the change effective for travel on or after January 1st. Note: The standard mileage rate for operating a passenger car […]

Travel Time: Paid vs. Unpaid

Think of all the driving that your employee may do in a day. Driving to work, running errands, jobs or maybe training attended out of town, … Which in all these situations are employers required to pay as travel time?! There are 4 different categories of travel time: Portal-to-portal Travel between work sites Special one-day assignments Overnight travel Portal-to-Portal Travel Portal-to-portal travel consists of an employee┬┤s normal home-to-work and work-to-home travel at the beginning and […]