Thought COVID-19 Was Done? Not So Fast.

Here Are the Latest Updates.

Update as of November 12 – Please note that in the draft rules OSHA set, the due date to get your updated COVID-19 plan in place was by November 21st. That deadline has been pushed back to December 21st

Update as of November 6th – Oregon OSHA has published documents related to these new rules. Click here for the published documents.

Note they also have a link to a new required poster that Must be displayed immediately at your workplace – Download your printable copy here.

Oregon – The State’s version of the Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave (ePSL)

Oregon has created a temporary leave plan for employees that are not covered by the Federal ePSL nor have paid sick leave at work. The program pays $120 per day but has many requirements, and employees must apply for leave. For details, please contact a Cardinal office or visit the State of Oregon’s COVID-19 webpage.

Oregon OSHA Temporary COVID Rules

Oregon OSHA has come out with new temporary rules to deal with COVID-19. Mentioned are specific timelines and duties an employer must perform. By November 21, 2020, all employers must evaluate COVID-19 risks in the workplace. In summary, there are 12 items employers must consider. For details, see section three.

Employers need to establish a process to receive feedback from employees, and employers with 10 employees or more must record their COVID-19 plan in writing. Cardinal advises documenting it regardless of employee count. This plan also requires a point person for questions and enforcement. The point person will need to complete the worksite evaluation assessment (provided by SAIF). Note that there are additional requirements for “exceptional risk workplaces,” primarily fields related to healthcare. Also, note the new requirements for building owners.

Keep in mind that Cardinal has noticed Oregon OSHA making a concerted effort in responding to employee and customer complaints, we expect these new rules to be enforced with the same urgency.

Work Assessment Template Sample

If you would like to review a sample template for your COVID-19 Response Plan Survey, Cardinal has created one based on an office environment.

Oregon OSHA Proposed Rules During Pandemic

Oregon OSHA is attempting to create more rules and regulations that would substantially increase fines levied by OSHA Enforcement and make it more difficult for employers to defend themselves under certain circumstances. These abrupt and unwarranted changes left Cardinal with little time to respond and didn’t afford us enough time to alert employers to this untimely development. You can see how Cardinal responded to these proposed rules, keeping our customers in mind.

Additional Information

For more information on COVID-19 related issues, including the recent uptick in cases, see our recent article, “Uptick in Covid-19 Related Issues.” If you have more questions, please contact Cardinal at 1(800) 342-4742 and a member of our staff will be glad to help.