Tricky Oregon Sick Time Questions – 1

What about employee’s that work for family?

‘Employee’ does not include – an individual employed by that individual’s parent, spouse or child.


What if the ‘Employer’ fluctuates between less than 10 and more than 10 throughout the year?

  • They have a minimum look back period of 20 weeks.
  • There are special provisions for new employers who may not have been in business for 20 weeks.
  • Connect them with HR for more clarification.


Can we implement a combination of both the front load and accrual methods?

You can do this under certain circumstances.
New BOLI rules say: “an employer may award sick time on an accrual basis for part-time or temporary employees, while front-loading sick time for full-time employees, if it customarily maintains different employment classifications for part-time, temporary, and full-time employees.”

What if the ’employee’ starts as Part Time and then starts working Full Time?

  • The employer’s policy should clearly define what is considered part time & full time.
  • Employee’s are entitled to use their sick time in the manner is it was earned. If the employee has both paid and unpaid sick time available, the employee has the option fo using either or both to cover the use of sick time.
  • Again, refer to HR for more clarification.