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What is Co-Employment?

What is Co-Employment? Co-Employment is simply dividing up responsibility between the onsite employer and a professional employment services provider like Cardinal. As your “co-employer,” we pay the employee taxes and process employee paychecks which include tracking PTO, sick leave, and other information to keep you compliant with labor regulations.   But if I co-employ with you, am I still the boss? Am I still the one making decisions about my employees? According to employment law, […]

Ask HR: How far for Accommodating Medical Issues?

Dear HR, My employee that has been missing A LOT of work for an extended period of time— at least one shift a week, and this is now adding up to weeks of work being missed. This is negatively affecting my business as no one is here to answer the phones or to get the front office work done. However, every time a shift is missed, my employee brings in a doctor’s note. My employee […]

Ask HR: Returning from Leave to Less Hours.

Dear HR, My employee was recently out of work for three weeks due to having surgery and returned to work about a month ago. Before taking the time off, my employee was working a full-time schedule for two weeks. Now, due to slower business, I am only able to provide 28 hours per week. I could offer a few more hours if my employee is willing to work 7 days each week. My employee is […]

Ask HR: Employee has been accidentally overpaid.

Dear HR, Due to a reporting error by my employee, they were over-paid 5.75 hours for the last pay period. We have a signed payroll deduct form authorizing the deduction of those hours from the next pay check; but now we need to terminate this employee for a major policy violation. Are there special rules on deducting from a final check? What is the max amount or {0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907} that can be deducted?   HR Answer: […]