Medical Leave (OFLA/FMLA)

Ask HR: How far for Accommodating Medical Issues?

Dear HR, My employee that has been missing A LOT of work for an extended period of time— at least one shift a week, and this is now adding up to weeks of work being missed. This is negatively affecting my business as no one is here to answer the phones or to get the front office work done. However, every time a shift is missed, my employee brings in a doctor’s note. My employee […]

Ask HR: Returning from Leave to Less Hours.

Dear HR, My employee was recently out of work for three weeks due to having surgery and returned to work about a month ago. Before taking the time off, my employee was working a full-time schedule for two weeks. Now, due to slower business, I am only able to provide 28 hours per week. I could offer a few more hours if my employee is willing to work 7 days each week. My employee is […]

Implementing an Unlimited Employee PTO Policy

The Latest in Paid Time Off Trends Unlimited PTO is just as it sounds, unlimited. Of course, nothing panics supervisors or management more than the thought of employees spontaneously choosing NOT to work! Unlimited PTO should be thought of as scheduled vacation time. Time off for vacations is planned and scheduled with a supervisor’s buy-in. If the employee has to complete a project by a deadline, then their vacation is planned around that need with […]

Ask HR: Employee needs time off for surgery- What type of leave is that?

Dear HR: My current employee has asked about taking time off to have a surgery. They anticipate being off for a couple of months during recovery and are hoping to be able to continue employment after they return from their previously planned two week cruise at the end of the summer.  Would this time off be something that falls under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) or the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? […]

Ask HR: Employee requesting Paternity leave.

Dear HR: My employee wants to take two months off work because he and his girlfriend are having a baby. Do I have to let him have the entire two months off? They aren’t married and his girlfriend doesn’t work, so she will be home with the baby. If yes, will I have to pay him for the time he takes off?   HR Answer: Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) and Family and Medical Leave […]

Ask HR: Leave Requested – What’s PTO? & OFLA?

Dear HR: My employee requested a leave of absence due to a serious injury that happened off-the-job. They have two weeks of PTO available and qualify for 12 weeks of OFLA leave. They are asking to take off a total of 14 consecutive weeks: 2 weeks paid and 12 unpaid. Do I have to honor the request? HR Answer: Employers may decide if PTO must be taken concurrently with OFLA. In this instance, you may […]