Time & Attendance

Meal Times and Rest Breaks – Do you know the law?

One of the most common complaints that lead to lawsuits against employers is the lack of adequate meal and rest breaks for employees. Wage and hour laws regulate basic working conditions such as meals and rest breaks. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure supervisors are knowledgeable of these workplace wage and hour rules. Well-intentioned employers who are NOT enforcing these rules are far more likely to have an employee file an employment-related […]

Ask HR: Can I restrict lunches to on campus only?

Dear HR:  I have several employees that are constantly late when returning from their 30 minute lunch break. This is quite disruptive to business and the other employees are noticing. May I implement a policy that requires all staff to stay on the premises during their lunch breaks?   HR Answer: Yes. Requiring employees to remain on the premises during the lunch break is permitted under current Federal and State regulations. Even if you require […]

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Predictive Scheduling

Oregon may be the first to implement state-wide predictive scheduling rules. The predictive scheduling bills are designed to give employees advanced notice of their work schedules. This bill is designed to cut-down on last minute shift changes that can be common in industries such as retail, hospitality and food service. Employers changing schedules past their due date may be required to pay employees for the change – and allow employees to refuse some schedules. This […]

Ask HR: Staff volunteering at religious-based event. Is that ok?

Dear HR, We own a retail shop, and once a month my family participates in a volunteer day for needy families in the community. We want to ensure it will not be an issue if our employees also participate by volunteering with us. It is not mandatory that the employees participate and it’s during a time when our shop is closed. It is a Christian-based event, but we don’t talk about religion, we just help […]

Ask HR: Help, Employee is Repeatedly late!

Dear HR: I have an employee that is late all the time. If they are late again tomorrow, may I send them home and suspend for a day? Or will I have to pay ‘show-up’ pay? Please help!   HR Answer: Poor performers and the chronically late employee are inevitable. Try not to let issues build up to the point where you are forced into a hasty decision such as an immediate on-the-spot suspension. The […]

Ask HR: Employee requesting Paternity leave.

Dear HR: My employee wants to take two months off work because he and his girlfriend are having a baby. Do I have to let him have the entire two months off? They aren’t married and his girlfriend doesn’t work, so she will be home with the baby. If yes, will I have to pay him for the time he takes off?   HR Answer: Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) and Family and Medical Leave […]

Ask HR: Is a Snow Day a Sick Day?

Dear HR: Do snows days qualify as sick days?   HR Answer: Snow days are not a legally accepted reason in which sick time may be used under the Oregon Sick Leave Law. If a business is closed due to weather, or if an employee is unable to get to work due to inclement weather–these absences are typically unpaid. Employees are only required to be paid for hours actually worked–even on days when they come in […]

Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage Hike – Part 2

Tips for Minimum Wage Hike Survival: TIME AND ATTENDANCE   Tracking time for your employees has never been easier. Using a time and attendance tracking system allows you to manage labor in real time and gives you the tools to measure your labor costs more effectively. These systems provide instant access for tracking attendance, managing overtime and monitoring paid/unpaid time off. Cardinal can help alleviate the burden of time and attendance tracking while reducing clerical […]

Efficient Time Management

Time is a precious commodity; a commodity that employers always need in abundance, but have difficulty managing efficiently. Even for the most organized business owner, there are never enough hours in the day to complete what’s on the agenda. So the solution is simple; create more available hours.   MORE HOURS IN YOUR DAY Although extending the hours in a day is not possible, you can add more available hours to your day by restructuring […]