Ask HR: Help, Employee is Repeatedly late!

Dear HR:

I have an employee that is late all the time. If they are late again tomorrow, may I send them home and suspend for a day? Or will I have to pay ‘show-up’ pay? Please help!


HR Answer:

Poor performers and the chronically late employee are inevitable. Try not to let issues build up to the point where you are forced into a hasty decision such as an immediate on-the-spot suspension. The key to dealing with a problematic employee is to immediately address issues as they arise and utilize a progressive discipline plan.

In Oregon, you are only required to pay your adult employees for time that they actually work. Of course, there are different guidelines for minors. Keep in mind that if you have a written company policy or a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that requires show up pay, then you would need honor that policy. Please contact Cardinal for assistance.