Daily Archives: September 26, 2017

Meal Times and Rest Breaks – Do you know the law?

One of the most common complaints that lead to lawsuits against employers is the lack of adequate meal and rest breaks for employees. Wage and hour laws regulate basic working conditions such as meals and rest breaks. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure supervisors are knowledgeable of these workplace wage and hour rules. Well-intentioned employers who are NOT enforcing these rules are far more likely to have an employee file an employment-related […]

Ask HR: Does working four 10-hour shifts require overtime pay?

Dear HR, Did Oregon’s manufacturing overtime rule change this year? I thought I saw a change last year for manufacturing that required both daily and weekly overtime. My question is—would four 10-hour shifts per week require any overtime pay?   HR Answer: The previous interpretation of the law by BOLI required the payment of overtime to manufacturing employees for BOTH daily and weekly overtime hours worked. Effective in August 2017, manufacturing employers should calculate overtime […]