Ask HR: Does working four 10-hour shifts require overtime pay?

Dear HR,

Did Oregon’s manufacturing overtime rule change this year? I thought I saw a change last year for manufacturing that required both daily and weekly overtime. My question is—would four 10-hour shifts per week require any overtime pay?


HR Answer:

The previous interpretation of the law by BOLI required the payment of overtime to manufacturing employees for BOTH daily and weekly overtime hours worked. Effective in August 2017, manufacturing employers should calculate overtime wages earned for hours worked on both a daily basis and a weekly basis—then pay the greater of the two.

Keep in mind there are several individual exemptions under this law that pertains to supervisors, millwrights, boiler operators, security guards, etc. Limiting your employees to working only four 10-hour shifts per work week may not require the payment of overtime. However, keep in mind that if the employees stays late, starts early, or works extra shifts—then overtime should be calculated accordingly.