Monthly Archives: August 2022

Employee Resignation Checklist

A To Do list for when you get that sudden “I Resign” notice!  Don’t get blind-sided by the sudden resignation of a good employee…here’s a checklist to keep you on track with HR obligations and protect your greatest asset—the ongoing viability of your business!  Employers often give ample attention to their on-boarding process when welcoming new hires—devoting extra time and attention in getting these workers quickly up to speed. But what about when employees leave? […]

Top Ten Illegal Job Interview Questions 

Here’s a Simple List of NO-NO’s You Must Never Ask   How old are you?  Are you married? Do you have kids? Are you pregnant? Do you plan on having kids soon? Do you have any disabilities or health problems? How much do you weigh?   What’s your race/nationality?  What’s your religion? Do you celebrate religious holidays?  What’s your sexual preference?  Do you use drugs, alcohol or smoke?   No Debate – It’s Settled Law  These interview […]

 Oregon OSHA New Regulations on Outdoor Smoke Exposure 

Fire season is here! OR OSHA has new regulations for those who may work around outdoor smoke, including mask requirements and guidelines for indoor smoke exposure. The harmful chemicals and tiny particles suspended in wildfire smoke can make anyone sick. The health danger concerning these tiny particles is addressed in newly published standards for worker protection. These standards will apply to employers whose employees are exposed to unhealthy or hazardous levels of wildfire smoke.    […]