Employee Resignation Checklist

A To Do list for when you get that sudden “I Resign” notice! 

Don’t get blind-sided by the sudden resignation of a good employee…here’s a checklist to keep you on track with HR obligations and protect your greatest asset—the ongoing viability of your business! 

Employers often give ample attention to their on-boarding process when welcoming new hires—devoting extra time and attention in getting these workers quickly up to speed. But what about when employees leave? A formalized employee “off-boarding” process not only mitigates legal and security threats, but can also help you gain honest feedback on improving your business.  

In a time of severe labor-pool shortages, formalizing a great send-off of a valued employee increases the possibility that they might consider returning! Let your dependable, worthy, soon-to-be-ex-employees know they can be rehired! 

  • Communicate the change quickly: Notice received, employee’s supervisor notifies HR immediately. HR then informs payroll and IT of the upcoming personnel change. 
  • Prepare the paperwork: Have the employee sign a letter of termination or resignation. Include nondisclosure or non-compete agreements if applicable. 
  • Initiate a knowledge transfer: Ask the employee to document essential details about their role. Employee meets with project/department teams to transfer duties and information 
  • Schedule an exit interview: Ask for honest feedback and share results with management.  Acting on any complaints deemed appropriate. 
  • Recover Company Assets: Collect company-issued devices and equipment. Collect security badges and keys.  Closeout company credit cards or expense accounts. 
  • Celebrate the Employee’s Future: Schedule a farewell happy hour or lunch for the employee. A goodbye gesture of a card or parting gift may be given. 
  • Leave the door open for a return! Ensure the employee’s contact info is current. Ask departing employee to refer or recommend their replacement 


No HR Department?  

Too busy, or don’t have the personnel to complete this checklist? 

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