Ask HR: Additional laws for having more employees?

Dear HR,

My business is growing! Are there additional labor rules I need to know about when from moving from just a couple employees to 5 or more?


HR Answer:

There are many federal and state laws that employers must be aware of, and comply with, even if you have only 1 employee. Many of these laws include rights for employees – such as family medical leave or time off to serve jury duty.

Some laws may vary based on the total number of persons employed while others are based on the number of full-time-equivalent-employees. To name a few: FICA (employer and employee portions); FUTA/SUI; ACA (Affordable Care Act); OST (Oregon Sick Time); Oregon Retirement savings plan; TRIA – terrorist act surcharge on w/comp premiums; Oregon Worker benefit fund (employee portion); Oregon Transit tax; Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA); California Family Rights Act (CFRA); California Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL); and the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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