Ask HR: Where to find Additional Training?

Dear HR,

Lately I’ve noticed that my supervisors, managers and staff could really use additional training around human resources issues and new employment laws. Does Cardinal offer any training/classes we can provide, or can you recommend any classes locally? (Interested in local because I don’t have the budget for staff travel.) I am trying to put together a training agenda, and we are interested in any help you can provide.


HR Answer:

Whether you need training for those recently put into supervisor roles or want to offer a training topic that applies to a larger group, such as sexual harassment; Cardinal has a resource for some basic manager training. We have a wide variety of topics available in training videos that are very cost effective. Here is the link to our online training shop: . We encourage you to show it to a group of employees, and then have them sign an acknowledgment that they received the training and are aware of company policy. If you do not have an acknowledgment form, we are happy to help draft one for you. Any training you give your employees should always be documented and it is always dependent upon the employer to make sure that the training and the policy that it demonstrates can be found recorded in your company handbook. If you don’t’ have a handbook or book of work policies, give Cardinal a call for help.