Get a handle on high-employee turnover.

Besides the obvious factors … low pay, or that the work you offer may be “undesirable” (cleaning sewers), let’s look at what current statistics and surveys tell us.  Employee retention is a complex topic but the complaints are startling in that they have stayed the same for the last 20 years!


According to Forbes and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Labor, the top 10 reasons employees leave are

  • The company does NOT view employees as their most valuable asset that creates their success. Employees are viewed as cogs in the production wheel … interchangeable, faceless:  “All workers are cattle – and are interchangeable” … no one gets paid enough to endure that kind of disrespect!  When you treat your employees like that, you’ll be seeing nasty comments about your company on Facebook.
  • The company has non-existent or shoddy safety protocols. This is often where OSHA steps in, or risk management—because this type of company behavior promotes dangerous workplaces which result in lawsuits.
  • The manager or boss does not communicate with the employees. This “keep ’em in the dark” behavior or managing your staff on a strictly “need to know” basis leaves employees feeling like they are drifting out in space. Studies have shown that this kind of policy leads to disloyalty and disconnection of the employee to the company which = turnovers!
  • Management does not listen to suggestions, complaints or feedback from employees. The company just keeps doing what it already knows and resists critical information frontline employees can provide. This management style belongs in the Jurassic age – because it means your company is living on borrowed time.  This is not just a by-product of the “no respect” model but also indicates that the company is committed to no change, no evolution and no vision for the future.  Bye Bye!
  • The company keeps bad supervisors or managers. Beware the critical, incompetent, ego-driven, petty dictators who demand blind obedience running your crew! Got a long-time supervisor whom you love, but curiously has a high turnover in their department?  Who needs a drill sergeant for a boss?
  • No training for the job. The company adheres to the “sink or swim” management model which ensures a high failure rate; which in turn, leads to low morale, creates incompetent workers and reinforces the belief there are no good workers. This policy will absolutely guarantee your high turnover rate will continue.
  • Workplace policies are so rigid; you can’t turn around without being written up. Who signed up for another stint in the military? Better find a better way to implement “the rules!”
  • Co-Workers are running amok. Workplace bullies, sexting, harassment of any kind, hazing, fighting, worksite drug use or gambling, out of control Facebook beatings and gossip mongering create a toxic work environment. It also leads to rumors about the company and can destroy the company’s reputation and will result in a lawsuit your company will lose.  Last time we checked, even worst NFL or NBA coaches value and reward teamwork, loyalty and team spirit.
  • No room to grow. Is your job the proverbial “dead-end” job for your staff?  If so, then you’d better start paying your workers more money as an incentive to stay, because soon or later, everyone will leave out of boredom.
  • The job has no value. Believe it or not, most workers want to know that their work efforts mean something. It’s not just about getting a paycheck; employees want to know that their work contributes to a bigger, meaningful picture. They want to know that their work has value; that they can be proud of their job. When was the last time you told them their contribution mattered? Or how their daily efforts contributed to the success of the company? For that matter, are you proud of what you do? Your employees are no different!


The above list may seem harsh. And your company may not be guilty of any of these Top 10 complaints, but if you are, any one of them can thwart your plans to revitalize the relationship of your company with your employees. Cardinal Services has the expertise and experience in HR consulting that can turn your company culture into a shining beacon to attract great employees! Give us a call to see how we can help.