Staff Training


Study finds educational requirements are blocking 6.2 million workers from employment consideration. EXCERPT from Harvard Business Review“Why employers must stop requiring college degrees for middle-skill jobs.” When was the last time you looked over the educational requirements listed for a job you are hiring for? Does the job really require a high school or college degree? Or, could your company provide the proper training that could allow your next new hire to develop the necessary […]

Ask HR: Where to find Additional Training?

Dear HR, Lately I’ve noticed that my supervisors, managers and staff could really use additional training around human resources issues and new employment laws. Does Cardinal offer any training/classes we can provide, or can you recommend any classes locally? (Interested in local because I don’t have the budget for staff travel.) I am trying to put together a training agenda, and we are interested in any help you can provide.   HR Answer: Whether you […]

Ask HR: Ideas to bring in Harassment Training?

Dear HR, I want to take some precautions in our workplace to prevent harassment but I don’t have the budget to hire a trainer.  Any suggestions?   HR Answer: You are right to be proactive and take preventative steps. Fortunately, there are several free and low-cost options to train supervisors and employees. It’s critical to also be sure that you have the proper policy in place and that you know how to respond to a […]