Ask HR: Can my employer fire me for calling in?

Dear HR,askHR

I am an employee at a client of Cardinal’s – I called my site supervisor this morning to let them know I would not be able to report to work on time, if at all today –due to a domestic situation that occurred last night and needed my attention that following day (which included filing a court restraining order and child custody papers).  My supervisor did not respond favorably and hinted at a threat to fire me.

Can my supervisor fire me for missing this shift – even though I used proper call out procedures?


HR Answer:

We reviewed the Oregon Victims of Certain Crimes Leave Act and its eligibility requirements. It states that employees having worked an average of 25 hours for 180 days would qualify for protected leave.

We are initially unable to confirm or deny the legalities to this specific situation without first determining all of the facts because there are many factors that must be considered when it comes to your eligibility for protected leave.