Cardinal’s Good Works Clients: United Community Action Network [UCAN]

Who’s doing “good works” in Douglas County?

United Community Action Network aka UCAN, located in Roseburg, Oregon is one of the largest social service providers in Douglas County, and we have now expanded into Josephine County, Oregon. The organization’s mission is to stabilize people’s lives by helping them address their basic life needs to exit poverty. Our services include community-wide coordination of social services, food bank operations, emergency services, family development assistance, housing, healthcare, managing county transportation, and income management/budget training.

History of the Organization

“Those in Need Must Lead” – A group of mothers on welfare and state welfare caseworkers founded the Douglas County Parents’ Action Council (PAC) in 1969 (PAC would eventually become UCAN). UCAN’s founders wanted to advocate for better treatment of people living in poverty. By 1981, PAC became Douglas County’s designated Community Action Agency (CAAs were first established under President Johnson’s administration as part of his “War on Poverty” program) and soon after changed its name to Umpqua Community Action Network, or UCAN as it is now commonly known. Though most people in the community think of UCAN only in regards of the various services it provides there actually is another perspective through which UCAN can be viewed and that is as an employer and a part of the overall health of the local economy. UCAN is one of the largest non-profit employers in Douglas and Josephine counties, employing over 200 people and contributing over 35 million dollars to our local economies. These are dollars, for the most part, that would not be in our local economy if UCAN was not in business.

What’s Your “Good Works” Mission?

  • Who does the organization serve? Anyone in need, but we have special programs in place for families and children, seniors, Veterans, Ex-offenders and people with physical/mental disabilities.
  • What have we accomplished recently? Expanded UTRANS, the Douglas County transportation system, with new routes and new busses. We are also beginning the construction of a new multi-million dollar Head Start Building in Roseburg.
  • What are the organization’s plans for the future? We recently received a grant for the Development of a Sobering Center in Roseburg. We are also looking at the development of several “tiny homes” in Roseburg.
  • How has your association with Cardinal Services helped you achieve your success? As UCAN has grown over the years we have had a variety of employment needs, often for temporary positions but also for new, on-going positions. Cardinal Services has been a great resource for us in meeting these employment needs.

How can we help?

“We need volunteers! UCAN has a variety of volunteer needs from working in our Food Bank sorting food or driving delivery trucks, to working in the Head Start reading to kids, or helping in our Senior Corps programs assisting Seniors stay independent, or just general office help, plus many more opportunities.
Contact: Give us a call! Diana Smith, 541-492-3502

Mike Fieldman, Executive Director of United Community Action Network [UCAN] – Roseburg, OR