Final Time, On Time

There are state rules and regulations that govern when an employee’s final check must be paid. The timelines for issuing a “final paycheck” vary based on reason why the separation occurred – whether they quit with notice, or employee was terminated, etc.

Penalty for Withholding Final Wages
Failing to pay any part of an employee´s final wages on time causes the compensation due to the employee to continue to rack-up— at the same regular hourly rate (for eight hours per day) until the wages are paid! This penalty can be applied to up to a 30 day penalty – not to exceed 100{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907} of unpaid wages.

See full details: ORS 652.150.


Communicate employee status changes immediately to Cardinal by calling or emailing our Hiring Team at in order to be sure to stay