New Years Resolution Checklist

Sure everyone thinks about New Years Resolutions but what about your Business New Years Resolutions? Here’s a checklist to get you thinking about how to better tone up your company this year:

  1. Get a HR checkup – This is a proactive approach to ensure the legal compliance and effectiveness of your entire HR program before a crisis happens. Ask our HR experts for a consultation!
  2. Review and update Employee Handbook – We recommend this be done on an annual basis. Many new laws come into effect at the beginning of each year, so the earlier you get this update done, the better. What policies need to be updated? Social Media, Drug and Alcohol, and Family leave, for starters.
  3. BOLI required postings – Make sure your 2015 postings are in compliance. The only required posting change for this year is the new Oregon Minimum Wage which went up to $9.25 per hour. Need to update your poster … Request here!
  4. Make your stance on marijuana known – Provide a written notice to employees on marijuana use reminding employees that recreational use of marijuana is not currently legal because they may think differently. Your communication should clearly tell employees your position on use and the impact on their jobs. For most employers, it is business as usual.
  5. Affordable Care Act – Have you been staying up to date on Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes and regulations? Did you know that the employer mandate is effective 1/1/15?