Holiday Gift Giving To Employees

A little thoughtfulness and sensitivity go a long way to preventing HR mishaps! The holiday season is a time when business owners want to reward their employees with something a little extra.  Besides a holiday bonus, giving that “little something extra” often takes the form of parties and gifts. But beware!  Holiday gift-giving can quickly become an unintentional HR issue –so now is NOT the time to dismiss the idea of being politically correct. To […]

Ask HR: Holiday Business Hours and PTO Requests

Dear HR: We decided to give each of our staff an extra two days of paid time off (PTO) to use around the holidays this year. These two days are in addition to the 14 they normally receive to use throughout the year. This is something we have never done before, and we want to be fair to our staff. We value our staff and appreciate all their hard work this year, so we want […]

Battle Clause: Santa vs. the Establishment

Santa Claus. Some of us dress like him.  Many of us have even sat on his lap.  Almost all of us have seen him—and in the coming month, he’ll be everywhere during this time of year. He’s BIG.  He also evokes a range of emotions in our diverse culture. Some people fondly recall memories of family holiday celebrations with the big man while others are focused on the religious meaning of the holiday season.  For […]

Ask HR: Do I need to remove Holiday Decor?

Dear HR:  In our small office we enjoy decorating each year for Christmas. This year one of our new employees has stated that they do not want to have decorations in their work area for religious reasons. We moved all holiday décor to the other side of the office, but we’re wondering if we should remove all the decorations to keep our new employee happy? Our clients enjoy the holiday decorations and look forward to […]

New Years Resolution Checklist

Sure everyone thinks about New Years Resolutions but what about your Business New Years Resolutions? Here’s a checklist to get you thinking about how to better tone up your company this year: Get a HR checkup – This is a proactive approach to ensure the legal compliance and effectiveness of your entire HR program before a crisis happens. Ask our HR experts for a consultation! Review and update Employee Handbook – We recommend this be […]

Holiday Party Tips: Ho Ho Hold the Liability

‘Tis the season for Holiday Parties You want to get your employees together for a bit of holiday fun — but how can you share some holiday cheer without opening yourself up to potential liabilities. The  Do’s and Don’ts for successful & safe company parties: DO – Set a tone of moderation before holiday parties through interoffice memos or meetings, reminding employees to be responsible. DON’T – Require employees to attend as a condition of […]

Veterans Day Leave – What Employers Should Know

Employees who are veterans as defined by Oregon law and are scheduled to work on Veterans Day may ask for that day off. They must provide 21 days’ notice of their intent to take the day off and document their status as a qualifying veteran. Upon receipt of the request, an employer must determine whether providing the time off would cause “significant economic or operational disruption,” or whether allowing time off is an “undue hardship” […]

Battle Claws: Santa vs. the Establishment

Santa Claus. Some of us dress like him. Many of us sit on him. Almost all of us have seen him. He’s BIG. He also evokes a range of emotions in our diverse culture. Some people fondly recall memories of family holiday celebrations. Others find religious meaning. For some, Santa Claus represents exclusion. They may not be excluded intentionally. It just works out that way. It’s a numbers thing. Title VII of the Civil Rights […]