NEW Oregon Mandated Retirement Plan

Oregon Mandates a Retirement Plan FOR ALL EMPLOYERS In 2015, Oregon’s state legislature wanted to address Oregonians’ lack of retirement saving. Due to an alarming amount of individuals with no retirement savings, Oregon forged ahead as the first state to create a mandated retirement plan. The plan was crafted with the overall goal of giving Oregonians an easier way to save for retirement.   The legislature passed the Oregon Retirement Security Bill, HB 2960 which […]

Ask HR: Do I have to offer the same benefits for everyone?

Dear HR, I would like to offer more vacation time and a higher level of insurance to my managers. Is it legal for me to offer different benefit packages to my employees based on their job classification or work duties?   HR Answer: Yes. It is legal to offer your employees different benefits as long as you are not distinguishing between your employees based on a protected class such as disability, religion, gender, race etc. […]