What is the “Ban the Box” law?

To Ask, or Not to Ask – Soon There Will be No Question!

New “Ban the Box” Law Prohibits Asking an Applicants to Reveal Their Criminal History


The new “Ban the Box” law (Oregon HB 3025) will take effect on January 1, 2016.

What exactly is the “Ban the Box” law, and what will this mean for employers?


The “Ban the Box” law restricts the timing of when an employer may ask about an applicant’s criminal history. Under this new law, most Oregon employers may not ask about an applicant’s criminal history on an application or prior to an initial interview. If no interview is conducted, the law prohibits asking for the applicant’s criminal history prior to a conditional offer of employment.


The purpose of this law is to ensure people with a criminal history have a fair chance to compete in the workplace to gain employment. This law does not prohibit employers from considering convictions when making hiring decisions. Employers may still notify applicants that a background check will be required later in the hiring process.


Now is a great time to review your company’s employment application and hiring procedures to ensure compliance with the law’s requirements. Managers who hire should be trained as to the appropriate timing of criminal history inquiries.


Cardinal has already taken necessary steps to ensure our hiring procedures are compliant. We are here to help you hire right the first time.