Monthly Archives: August 2015

Proposed Changes in Overtime Rules for Exempt Employees

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued proposed rules on the salary test for employees that are exempt from overtime requirements. Exempt employees must be paid regardless of how much or how little work they performed in a day. The current minimum salary of an exempt employee is at least $455 per week. There are other requirements for an employee to be exempt such as the type of work. A good resource is […]

Using Vacation Policy as Sick Leave

The Pros and Cons of categorizing your employees’ Vacation Policy as Sick Leave.   The Oregon Sick leave law allows employers to use an alternative type of leave policy in lieu of a sick leave policy. The leave law states that if you have a different leave policy that is at least as generous as the sick leave law requirements, then the alternate policy may be substituted. Many employers have been rolling sick leave and […]

Lock in 2016 Health Insurance Prices

Plan Ahead – Lock in 2015 Health Insurance Prices for most of 2016. If you are a small business owner who offers your employees health insurance, or you have looked into offering coverage, you know that health insurance premiums have a bad habit of only going up and shopping for insurance can be difficult. In prior years you had to compare pricing of health insurance Company A to health insurance Company B while trying to […]