Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ask HR: Is charging for till shortages legal?

Dear HR, My onsite manager has been requiring staff to pay till shortages out of our own pockets when shortages occur. Is this practice legal? HR Answer: No. Oregon Law does not allow deductions from wages or reimbursement for shortages, breakages, losses, or theft. Managers/Employers should clearly communicate their cash handling procedures and policies. If an employee does not follow proper cash handling procedures and policies, then corrective action such as discipline up to, and […]

Ask HR: Help addressing racial comments

Dear HR, I’m writing for help—How do I file a report that my supervisor has been making racial comments directed towards me and is making me feel uncomfortable?  What can I do to stop the problem? HR Answer: Thank you for reporting this issue to HR immediately since talking to your supervisor is not an option. We take reports of harassment and discrimination very seriously. HR will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. If a […]

Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage Hike – Part 4

Tips for Minimum Wage Hike Survival: Employee Performance & Engagement   Congratulations! You are well on your way to having the most cost-efficient workforce! Now that you have learned how to conquer the roadblocks of Hiring Right, Tracking Time and Attendance, and understanding the importance of Employee Training – our last couple of tips for Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage series will focus on Engaging and Retaining your staff.   With the Oregon Minimum Wage […]

Ask HR: Does rehab qualify for medical leave?

Dear HR, A current employee has inquired about alcohol rehab programs. My question is, if they took a couple of months off to get “sorted out” would they be able to continue employment after treatment?  Would that be a situation that falls under OFLA/FMLA?   HR Answer: Alcoholism could be considered a “serious health condition” under the FMLA/OFLA. An employee may take FMLA/OFLA leave to enter a treatment program. FMLA/OFLA will not protect absences resulting […]

Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage Hike – Part 3

Tips for Minimum Wage Hike Survival: Employee Training With minimum wage increasing in Oregon and across the nation, it’s more important than ever to maximize your employee talent.   Ensure your business’ success by giving employees the tools and skills they need to succeed. Whether it is showing your new hires the right processes early on or offering continuing education of your existing team — training pays off!

Ask HR: Working “extra hours” – Volunteering? or Wage & Hour red flag?

Dear HR, At a recent board meeting of our non-profit organization, our team gave huge kudos to a team member for putting in some extra hours.  This raised a red flag in my mind — Does this employee need to be paid for all these “extra hours?”   HR Answer: Yes! Way to notice those wage and hour red flags! Employees’ hours worked should not be exceeding what is reported on the timecard.   We understand due to […]