Monthly Archives: November 2017

Ask HR: Deli discipline disaster.

Dear HR: My deli cook is not documenting proper food temperatures and “use by” times for perishable food items that are sold to the public. She has failed to do it every week, and I have gone over this procedure with her multiple times. This is a major health violation and I could be liable for big fines and be shut down, putting public health and my company at risk. I have given a written […]

Implementing an Unlimited Employee PTO Policy

The Latest in Paid Time Off Trends Unlimited PTO is just as it sounds, unlimited. Of course, nothing panics supervisors or management more than the thought of employees spontaneously choosing NOT to work! Unlimited PTO should be thought of as scheduled vacation time. Time off for vacations is planned and scheduled with a supervisor’s buy-in. If the employee has to complete a project by a deadline, then their vacation is planned around that need with […]

Ask HR: Standing-desk evaluating needs vs. wants?

Dear HR: My company is working towards improving ergonomics with the goal that nearly everyone will eventually have a sit/stand desk. At this point, we provide these special desks a few at a time, as budget allows. We are currently distributing these desks in order of seniority, but we are also including anyone that has made us aware of any physical issue that would be helped by the sit/stand option. We are noticing a trend […]