Employee Reviews

Ask HR: Tips for disciplining employees who are also family?

Dear HR, I have been having discipline and attendance issues with an employee who is also my son. He has missed many days of work and is not getting his work done when he is in. I have talked to him several times, but the behavior continues. I think he feels he can get away with it since I am his parent. How can I get the message through to him? I would like to […]

Ask HR: Review Not helping Performance

Dear HR: My supervisor verbally talked to the employee about these issues prior to a Performance Review a few months ago. During the Review, the concerns were discussed again and the employee was given 60 days to correct her performance. According to supervisor, as of today – her 60th day, there has been no improvement. The supervisor is going to give her a written warning with an additional 30 day probation period to correct the […]

Ask HR: Deli discipline disaster.

Dear HR: My deli cook is not documenting proper food temperatures and “use by” times for perishable food items that are sold to the public. She has failed to do it every week, and I have gone over this procedure with her multiple times. This is a major health violation and I could be liable for big fines and be shut down, putting public health and my company at risk. I have given a written […]

Ask HR: Employee showing up un-showered. What can I say?

Dear HR, My employee is showing up to work dressed in very wrinkly clothes (looks like they pulled them straight from the laundry basket), and their body odor makes my eyes water. I actually had a customer complain about it yesterday. What can I do or say?   HR Answer: Having an employee with hygiene issues can be a delicate situation. As long as you have a legitimate business reason (such as your employee interacting […]