Ask HR: Do labor laws apply to hiring your own kids?

Dear HR,askHR

I would like to hire my 14-year-old daughter to work in my retail store. Is it legal to pay her less than minimum wage?


HR Answer:

Yes and No.

Yes, you may employ your child—but you must pay minimum wage.

Under Oregon Law, parents who employ their own children must still comply with similar rules for other employers such as:

  • Obtaining appropriate BOLI Employment Certificates
  • Complying with the maximum hours and working conditions
  • Paying no less than the minimum wage and overtime
  • Meeting special posting/recordkeeping requirements


Certain provisions may be waived when employing your child – such as later working hours if not detrimental to the health, safety or education of the child. Every situation is different; if you have questions about other employment issues, please feel free to contact us.