Child Labor Laws

Ask HR: Are there special rules for hiring minors?

Dear HR: I’ve never hired a minor before. I met a student from the local high school that seems like they would be a great fit working in my retail shop. Are there special rules for hiring minors that differs from adults?   HR Answer: Yes! Current laws define a “minor” as anyone under the age of 18. In Oregon, minors must generally be at least 14-years-old for employment. Prior to hiring a minor in […]

Ask HR: Do labor laws apply to hiring your own kids?

Dear HR, I would like to hire my 14-year-old daughter to work in my retail store. Is it legal to pay her less than minimum wage?   HR Answer: Yes and No. Yes, you may employ your child—but you must pay minimum wage. Under Oregon Law, parents who employ their own children must still comply with similar rules for other employers such as: Obtaining appropriate BOLI Employment Certificates Complying with the maximum hours and working […]

Summer Employment of Minors

With summer approaching, many business owners receive requests from friends, family and employees to offer summer employment to minors. It’s a great way to help the younger generation gain some real world work experience and provide them with their first job. But providing that “summer job” to a minor is no longer a simple matter. There are real-world restrictions and regulations that all employers must know under Oregon and federal laws.