Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage Hike

The rumors you have heard are true- the Oregon minimum wage is on the rise again. With the recent minimum wage plan being implemented, Oregon is set to have one of the highest state based minimum wage in the nation by 2022.

The new multi-tiered system for increasing the minimum wage will rise annually over the next six years. The amount of the increase may vary by county but one thing is for sure – with these high minimum wage rates you need to do all you can to be paying those big bucks to the BEST employees that you can!money hike

Now more than ever having the right employees, getting them trained properly and quickly, working them as efficiently as possible and most of all keeping your great new hires on staff is critical to business survival.




  1. Hire Right

Surviving_BackpackOne of the most important elements of employee management occurs when selecting the right employee(s). Whether you are bringing on your first employee or are looking to retain a staff of hundreds, each new hire has the potential to make your company stronger or cause you unnecessary loss of time and money. Hiring mistakes cost an average of $14,000 per employee. Hiring the right person is an art of sorts – our proven techniques quickly produce results to attract and retain the employees you desire. Cardinal can help you increase your level of retention and reduce turnover.

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2. Time & Attendance

Surviving_CompassTracking time for your employees has never been easier. Using a time and attendance tracking system allows you to manage labor in real time and gives you the tools to measure your labor costs more effectively. These systems provide instant access for tracking attendance, managing overtime and monitoring paid/unpaid time off.

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3. Employee Training

Surviving_MapEnsure your business’ success by giving employees the tools and skills they need to succeed. Whether it is showing your new hires the right processes early on or offering continuing education of your existing team — training pays off!

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4. Employee Performance & Engagement

68e152c0-1856-42bb-8d89-150ba560e4dbEngaged employees are motivated to contribute to organizational success and are committed to its goals and values. Sure, you want staff to be happy working for your company—and while perks like vacation time or flexible schedules may enhance recruitment, or be a part of what makes your team happy to work at your company, perks are not what keeps employees engaged.

Surprisingly, employee engagement affects your bottom line even more!

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5. Employee Performance & Engagement

Surviving_SnacksEmployees are key to the success of your business. Just think how many of your employees interact with your customers, deliver service or sell your product.  Once you have taken the time and effort to hire the right people, train and actively engage them, the next step is to KEEP those good employees.

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Select a Hiring Partner

As a business owner your time, energy and resources are precious commodities. We’ll help alleviate the administrative burden so you can focus on what you do best. Cardinal Services is committed to providing employers customizable HR solutions to help their businesses thrive. It’s true: time is money, so let Cardinal help you find more time to devote to what you do best: taking care of your business! Contact Cardinal today to get your own customized workplace solution.