Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ask HR: Sexual Harassment via text

Dear HR, We have a female employee who has reported being sexually harassed after hours by male employee. Our on site manager was able to obtain copies of the text messages and verified the phone number. Due to the nature of the messages and the female employee being scared we let her go home and we waited before sending the other employee home only telling them they would be contacted by Cardinal on Monday. Help! […]

Ask HR: Aging workforce with back pain.

Dear HR, One of my delivery drivers is constantly complaining about chronic back pain and tiredness. This employee in the 50+ age range and lifts 50 pounds on a frequent basis. I’m concerned the employee may seriously injure themselves if they continue on this job. What are my options regarding an aging employee? Any ideas on how the employer should handle this?   Answer: This can be a very tricky topic and you’ll want to […]

Ask HR: My employee smells like pot.

Dear HR, I received a complaint from a customer that an employee at my shop smells like pot. I have not witnessed the employee acting suspiciously so don’t think there is enough to go on for a reasonable suspicion drug test. What can I do?   Answer: Privately, and directly, advise the employee of the complaint. Ask if they had smoked/used. Will either get (a) a confession, or more likely, (b) a denial. If (a), […]

Efficient Time Management

Time is a precious commodity; a commodity that employers always need in abundance, but have difficulty managing efficiently. Even for the most organized business owner, there are never enough hours in the day to complete what’s on the agenda. So the solution is simple; create more available hours.   MORE HOURS IN YOUR DAY Although extending the hours in a day is not possible, you can add more available hours to your day by restructuring […]