Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ask HR: Front line staff with dandruff.

Dear HR: Our new cashier has a bad habit of scratching their head while working, causing what appears to be dandruff and scabs to fall on their clothes, floor, and counter. What can I do or say?   HR Answer: As long as you have a legitimate business reason you may establish a dress code, hygiene rules and grooming standards, as long as your policy is nondiscriminatory. It is important that your employees have a […]

Ask HR: Can I shift workweeks to reduce overtime?

Dear HR:  We are busy, and are exploring the addition of one or possibly two shifts. We currently have a Sunday through Saturday work week, and have employees going into overtime sometimes as early as Thursday. We are wondering about having multiple work weeks with the intent of reducing overtime.   HR Answer:  There does not appear to be any wiggle room under State and Federal wage laws as far as tweaking work weeks or […]

Ask HR: Do I have to pay unapproved overtime?

Dear HR: My employee is scheduled to work eight hours per shift. They are clocking in early and staying late all the time causing several over time hours per week. Can I just pay them for the eight hours they were scheduled for each shift?   HR Answer: Under Federal and Oregon wage laws, employers are required to pay employees for all work that is ‘suffered or permitted’ to work. Even if you did not […]

Final Time, On Time

There are state rules and regulations that govern when an employee’s final check must be paid. The timelines for issuing a “final paycheck” vary based on reason why the separation occurred – whether they quit with notice, or employee was terminated, etc. Penalty for Withholding Final Wages Failing to pay any part of an employee´s final wages on time causes the compensation due to the employee to continue to rack-up— at the same regular hourly […]

Ask HR: When I terminate is a reason required?

Dear HR, Can I simply tell a problem employee that their services are no longer needed? Or should call it a lay off? Since Oregon is ‘At Will’, I really don’t want to give a reason because I’m afraid I might get sued.   HR Answer: Yes Oregon is an ‘At Will’ employment state, which means an employer or employee may terminate the employment relationship at any time without giving a reason. Although it is […]