Oregon Minimum Wage

Mandatory Oregon Posting Change

Effective July 1, 2019 The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has updated the minimum wage posting to show the new Oregon rates that take effect on July 1st. All employers with at least one employee must display this revised posting in a conspicuous location at each of their worksites. Oregon also revised the Oregon Family Leave Act and Domestic Violence posters. Failure to keep these postings compliant and up-to-date may result in a government […]

July 1st: Oregon Minimum Wage Increase

Starting JULY 1, 2019 Oregon Minimum Wages are increasing as mandated by the State of Oregon. The July 1st deadline raises the Standard Rate Counties to $11.25 per hour, Portland Metro to $12.50 per hour, and Non-Urban Counties to $11.00 per hour. If you are unsure which County your Minimum Wage Rates falls into visit:www.cardinal-services.com/or-minimum-wage-rates Cardinal Clients do not have to worry—we will make these changes to your payroll automatically. However, if you wish to […]

Surviving the Oregon Minimum Wage Hike – Part 1

Tips for Minimum Wage Hike Survival: HIRE RIGHT One of the most important elements of employee management occurs when selecting the right employee(s). Whether you are bringing on your first employee or are looking to retain a staff of hundreds, each new hire has the potential to make your company stronger or cause you unnecessary loss of time and money. Hiring mistakes cost an average of $14,000 per employee. Hiring the right person is an […]

Oregon’s Minimum Wage Update

For the last several years, the minimum wage has been a hot topic, not only in Oregon, but across the nation. Last week, Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon’s new minimum wage blueprint into law. Oregon is the first state to implement a unique and complex multi-tiered minimum wage system. With this boost, Oregon is set to have the highest state based minimum wage in the nation by 2022.   Under this multi-tiered system, Oregon is […]

2016 Oregon Minimum Wage

Oregon’s minimum wage will hold at $9.25-per-hour in 2016. Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian announced that the 2016 Oregon minimum wage will remain unchanged. The wage is re-calculated each year due to a state law passed by voters in 2002 that ties it to inflation, which for this year, was almost unchanged. Watch out for scare tactics: Employers may receive marketing materiel indicating they may be out of compliance. This is an attempt to scare employers […]

Is a $15 minimum wage imminent?

​​​​​One question employers are asking us is about any changes to the minimum wage. Unless you have purposely not been paying attention to the news and stopped reading the newspaper you have probably heard some reference to an increase in the Oregon rate to a $15 minimum wage. There are several bills on this matter in the Oregon legislature. In Cardinal’s last Legislative Update we reviewed three bills.   They were: House Bill 2008 – […]