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Ask HR: Am I required to pay Jury Duty time away?

Dear HR, We just had our first jury duty situation come up for one of our employees.  My employee is paid hourly and works during the day, so, jury duty would occur during her shift.  Am I required to pay her?  May I count this as PTO, Vacation or Sick leave?  Please help! HR Answer: Both Federal and State wage and hour laws require all hourly and non-exempt employees be paid for all hours worked.  […]

Ask HR: Do I continue Health Insurance coverage during extended Jury Duty leave.

Dear HR, One of my employees was selected for service on a trial which may potentially last several months.  Am I required to continue the employee’s health care insurance? HR Answer: In Oregon, there is a small-employer exemption, and the requirements do not apply for employers with nine or fewer employees.  The continuation the employee’s health, disability, life or other insurance coverage would be up to a small employer’s benefits policy to define when and […]

How Employers Can Reduce “No Call – No Show” Incidents

Nothing is more frustrating to employers, supervisors, HR managers and staff than when an employee fails to show up to work!  The immediate effects are obvious – it impacts the day’s work flow, burdens co-workers, puts extra work on the supervisor to determine cause and always, always affects the bottom line of an employer’s profits. It is easy to cast blame on the employee for not notifying the employer.  For many companies, failure to “call […]

Cardinal’s Good Works Clients: United Community Action Network [UCAN]

Who’s doing “good works” in Douglas County? United Community Action Network aka UCAN, located in Roseburg, Oregon is one of the largest social service providers in Douglas County, and we have now expanded into Josephine County, Oregon. The organization’s mission is to stabilize people’s lives by helping them address their basic life needs to exit poverty. Our services include community-wide coordination of social services, food bank operations, emergency services, family development assistance, housing, healthcare, managing […]

Ask HR: Can Employee back-use Sick Time?

Dear HR, I have an employee that wants to take a sick day for a previous pay period that we have already paid them for. She forgot to turn in her request in time to get it on her last paycheck. So, I have a few questions about this situation in particular, and for future reference if this comes up again. Is it possible to pay sick time after a pay period has passed? If […]